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As of February 22, 2018, PECG is representing 11,265 members within the State of California. PECG has 1 corporate level board and 17 sections state wide, with the Sacramento section as one of largest. The Sacramento section covers all of the Sacramento and Yolo Counties. There are three sister sections within these boundaries, Fort Sutter, River City and the Capital section. Currently the Sacramento section has 1038 active members, 185 fee paying members, 140 supervisory members and 168 nonpaying supervisors and managers. Collectively, the Sacramento section encompasses 12% of the total PECG memberships.

The Sacramento Section has 9 voting officers, who are elected by the active section members who have full voting rights and 5 appointed committee chairs who do not have voting rights. All officers and committee chairs serve as volunteers to you. All board and committee members are elected to a one year term. All elections are held before the annual corporate board meeting in September.

The 9 voting and 5 appointed committee chairs are:

  • Director, President, President Elect, Vice President Supervisory and Managerial, Vice President Collective Bargaining, Vice President at Large, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary.
  • Distribution Chair, Budget Committee Chair, Scholarship Committee Chair, Media Committee Chair, and Web Master.

The Sacramento Section board meets once a month and holds 4 quarterly meetings per year, which includes one Annual Meeting before the Corporation’s Annual Board Meeting. The quarterly meetings are where your PECG representatives will present to you the most current information regarding PECG activities and bargaining status.

It is the intent of the current president to post all our activities on the web site as soon as possible so that all members are kept informed of current activities and concerns. Hopefully the web site can be utilized to its full potential as an effective communication tool where our members can leave comments and concerns as well.

Please enjoy our new web site and hopefully find the information that you are looking for. If you cannot find information what you need, or you have suggestion and new idea, please let us know. We will work hard to address your concerns or questions as time allows.

Thank you for your continued support of PECG. We will try to work for our member’s best interest.

President and Web Master
PECG Sacramento Section